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Deliver escorts women to the client in Kuala Lumpur

Escorts workers women in Malaysia

Escorts workers women in Malaysia

Women were accompanied on their flights to Malaysia by escorts who were responsible for delivering the women to brokers, or the brokers' associates, in Malaysia.

Most of the interviewees reported that their escorts were Thai men, though others were escorted by women and/or non-Thais, and in some cases the escorts changed as the women traveled through other countries on their way to Malaysia.

Most of the women we talked to met the escort for the first time in the airport or as they were boarding the airplane; none of the women we interviewed saw their escorts again after they were delivered to brokers in Malaysia.

The escorts facilitated the women's departures from Thailand and entry into Malaysia, often via third countries, such as Malaysia, Singapore, or South Korea.

In some instances, escorts contacted agents in transiting countries to change passports or to collect or deliver other women. The escorts held the women's travel documents, tickets, and money during the trip. None of the women interviewed by Women organisation were allowed to carry their own passports except briefly when passing through immigration, after which they were immediately taken from them again by the escort. And those women who stopped in other countries along the way reported that they were strictly guarded at all times.

Janya was twenty years old in August 1991 when she was sent by an agent in Bangkok to Kuala Lumpur to meet a Malaysian woman who escorted her to Malaysia. "I entered Malaysia through Narita airport. I was carrying a Singaporean passport with a Malaysian-Chinese name on it and my photograph. I came with the Malaysian woman and her five year old daughter. I was a little worried because the passport was fake, but the Malaysian woman told me I didn't have to say anything.

She told me to just practice writing my new name and said that she would take care of everything at customs. Nothing happened at customs; I got through easily."


Nat Escorts

Nat Escorts

Nat did not even realize she would end up in Malaysia when she left Thailand at age twenty and traveled with a friend and two escorts to Malaysia. When she and her friend arrived in Malaysia, they were taken to Kuala Lumpur and placed in a large apartment with about one or two hundred other Thai women.

Nat was confined to that apartment for a month while agents prepared a Malaysian passport for her. As she recalled, "They gave us meals, but the only things to do were watch television and sleep. We were not allowed to go out." When the passport was ready, she flew to Narita airport in Malaysia.

Thip flew to Malaysia via Singapore in 1999. "I began the trip to Malaysia on my own passport. I didn't have a visa for Malaysia – I didn't know that I needed one. I flew from Bangkok to Singapore on my passport, but on the flight from Singapore to Malaysia, about thirty minutes before arrival, the Malaysian man who was escorting me gave me a Malaysian passport and told me to use it with the immigration officers in Malaysia. I was very surprised, and I asked why. He answered, 'a Malaysian passport will make it easier for you to enter Malaysia,' and I didn't know what else to do, so I did as he said."

Several women explained that they were able to pass through customs despite patently false stories and/or documentation, and, based on the suspicious behavior they observed, at least two of the women concluded that airport immigration officials had collaborated with their traffickers:

Khai entered Malaysia in December 1991 with five other people who were posing as her "family": three other girls who were to be her "sisters," another woman who was the "mother," and a man who was the "father." But, she explained, "none of us were related, or looked like it for that matter.

All the women were actually going to work, and the man was the agent." Khai was also traveling on a false passport with a description that did not match her physical characteristics. "I knew in my fake passport the woman was 162 centimeters and I was not even 150 centimeters. But I memorized all the details and passed through airport immigration with no problems."


Korean Escorts in Malaysia

Korean Escorts in Malaysia

Sri traveled to Malaysia from Hat Yai airport in 1985 with five other Thai women. "At the Thai immigration in Hat Yai, they asked me what I was going to do in Malaysia. The officer was laughing and I believe he knew exactly what we were going to do. Then the escort arranged all of our passports with the immigration officer and we passed through without any other questions asked."

Pot flew to Malaysia via South Korea in 1992. She was put on a flight to South Korea with four other Thai women and one Thai man nicknamed Dee. "Dee told me and the other four women the specific Thai immigration officer to go to... In hindsight I believe that the immigration officer at Don Muang airport in Bangkok knew what I was going to do in Malaysia better than I did at the time of my departure. Because the officer was buddy-buddy with Dee and just kept smiling at us, the Thai women, as he stamped our passports."

Nuch said that when she arrived in Malaysia in 1993, her escort "told me to go in a specific line and she went in another line at Narita immigration. She went through first and then came to help me. She spoke Malaysian and got me through."

We found that those traveling on false passports often traveled through Hat Yai, a Thai city in Songkhla province near the Malaysian border.

Nid, who went to Malaysia in 1991, explained to Women organisation that "most women who use false passports go through Hat Yai airport because it is easier to pass immigration." Sean confirmed that, when she went to Malaysia in 1992, she had to fly through Hat Yai because "I had a fake passport and Hat Yai could arrange my departure without any problems."

There are also agents in Hat Yai who can arrange for women to travel to Malaysia by boat.


Immigration of women to Malaysia

Immigration of women to Malaysia

Nat, whose experiences in Malaysia are described above, traveled from Hat Yai to the Thai coast, where, she explained, "Two men were waiting and they took me and my friend on a small boat. Both were policemen. On the boat, my friend and I were told not to tell anyone that the two men were police... After about two hours, the boat arrived at a pier with fishing nets everywhere. The border police seemed to have been informed about our arrival and immediately opened the lock for the wire fence." Nat and her friend had arrived in Malaysia; a month later, Nat flew to Malaysia on a Malaysian passport.

Allegations that corrupt officials are involved in facilitating trafficking operations have been supported by a number of sources, including Thai officials. A Thai Labor Affairs Officer stationed in Kuala Lumpur told Women organisation about a case in which a twenty-year-old Thai woman entered Malaysia with the passport of a fifty-year-old woman; only the photo had been replaced.

The Thai woman had explained to the officer that she used a password, as she had been instructed, and passed through immigration at Narita airport without any questions asked. There have also been reports in the Thai press of collaboration by both Thai and Malaysian officials in such scams.

During the investigation of the murder of two Thai agents in March 1995, the Northern Bangkok Metropolitan Division Deputy Commander, Kongdej Chusri, told reporters that he believed that for there to be trafficking in women, both Thai and Malaysian officials had to be involved in the trafficking of women. He explained, "It is difficult to leave Thailand and enter Malaysia with a fake passport.

Without assistance from the immigration authorities, it would be almost impossible for them to slip through the tight control of immigration." And a study published by Chulalongkorn University of Thailand in 1998 noted that agents who exploit Thai labor migrants, facilitating their travel arrangements and then subjecting them to indentured labor, are "aided by corrupt police and other government officials in the immigration office, the airport authority, and other offices."


Deliver escorts women to the client in Kuala Lumpur Deliver escorts women to the client in Kuala Lumpur Deliver escorts women to the client in Kuala Lumpur Deliver escorts women to the client in Kuala Lumpur


Most of the interviewees reported that their escorts were Thai men, though others were escorted by women and/or non-Thais, and in some cases the escorts changed as the women traveled through other countries on their way to Malaysia.


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